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The difference in our products versus others' is the care we take in ensuring a near original equipment product. We do not "drill and fill" our toners. We do not re-use parts in our cartridges. We utilize the most well known and established suppliers for aftermarket toner cartridge supplies. We take pride in addressing any and all possible flaws with each individual cartridge component we inspect and/or replace. 90% of the components in our cartridges have been replaced. Each cartridge follows a strict pre- and post- test, and rigid remanufacturing procedures that have proven to result in the highest success rate in the remanufacturing market. If you aren't using OEM cartridges, your next choice should only be us!


With nearly 20 years experience, we are also able to provide the best prices and repair service available to your company. Combined with our extensive high quality remanufactured toners, your company will save money and have the highest assurance that your printers will be running flawlessly and efficiently.




We aim to provide less than 6 business hour on-site repair and diagnostics. Your service call or additional work (if necessary) is always quoted prior and warrantied for 6 months.


At a discounted rate, your machine can be repaired in our local warehouse shop, where we have extensive cleaning and diagnostic tools that help provide quality repairs.


Providing OEM and in-house remanufactured toner cartridges that meet OEM specifications. All of our toners go through rigorous testing and strict part replacement procedures.


At a very reasonable cost per page, we can provide your company with a service contract that covers all repairs, parts, and toners, keeping your business printing completely worry free!


We provide free inventory management depending on your company size. You have less to worry about while we take care of keeping your shelves stocked with the toners you need and picking up empties to recycle.


We are always only a phone call or email away from helping you to the best of our ability to save the cost of a service call. Our goal is to have your machine running smoothly at the lowest cost possible to you.

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